Investment objectives
        At 23/09/2014
        The sub-fund will invest mostly in high-yield, lower quality fixed income instruments denominated in EUR, with a maximum maturity of 6 years. The residual duration of the portfolio will not exceed 3 years.
        Source: Pictet Funds S.A.
        Fund description
        Compartment EUR Short Term High Yield
        Umbrella Pictet
        Legal status Sub-fund of the Luxembourg-registered Pictet SICAV
        Custodian bank Pictet & Cie (Europe) S.A.
        Currency USD
        Fund reference currency EUR
        Other subscription currencies -
        Close of fiscal year 30 September
        Index Merrill Lynch EUR High Yield Ex Fin.BB-B 1-3Y Const Hedged in USD
        Fund type Fixed Income
        Dividend type Reinvested
        Inception date 30/01/2012
        Issue price -
        Initial subscription period 26/01/2012
        to 30/01/2012
        Source: Pictet Funds S.A.
        ISIN LU0736302158
        Telekurs 014763845
        Bloomberg PSTHHIU LX
        CUSIP L757A4 201
        Euroclear France LU0736302158
        Lipper 68142164
        SEDOL B44XHY5
        WKN A1JTD6
        Transaction information
        Minimum initial investment EUR 1,000,000.00
        Transaction currency USD
        Trading frequency Daily, "forward pricing"
        Order deadline GVA Daily-1 / 14:15
        Order deadline LUX Daily-1 / 15:00
        Billing date Order date +1
        Settlement date NAV valuation date + 2
        Source: Pictet Funds S.A.
        Commission and fees
        At 23/09/2014
        TER 0.79% - As at end of August 2014
        Management fee 0.45%
        Custody fees 0.03%
        Administration fees 0.22%
        Source: Pictet Funds S.A.
        Austria 10/02/2012
        Belgium 07/08/2014
        Chile 02/07/2013
        Cyprus 25/03/2012
        Finland 10/02/2012
        France 20/02/2012
        Germany 10/02/2012
        Great Britain 10/02/2012
        Greece 21/05/2012
        Liechtenstein 10/02/2012
        Luxembourg 27/01/2012
        Netherlands 20/02/2012
        Portugal 10/02/2012
        Singapore 27/01/2012
        Spain 29/11/2013
        Sweden 10/02/2012
        Switzerland 26/04/2013
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              Fund summary
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              NAVUSD 154.28
              Since previous NAV
              Fund sizeUSD 4,842 mio
              Risk level
              Lower riskHigher risk
              Typically lower rewardsTypically higher rewards